Miss Ravisham

Through bridal, still unbridled
at the age of sixty-six!
Thrown out of gear, I idled
like a cat on heating bricks -
her thigh! - her leg, which sidled
while she turned me all her tricks!

Perfervid and unswerving,
she reclined upon my chest -
she was swift, and so unswerving
("It were best you were undressed!")
as I saw her body curving
over mine - forget the rest!

How wily! I was whiling
every minute in her skin
when I caught her - she was smiling! -
and she pulled me further in -
she was Begum but beguiling,
and she rinsed us both of sin.

Now she lunges on my plunger,
whistling paeans, half-aslant.
There's no crevice she won't conjure,
nor a nook she can't enchant:
with my uncle's tongue to sponge her,
she seduced my giddy aunt.

From Rime Present

Miss Ravisham