The Cuckoo And The Jackal

A cuckoo kipped down with a jackal
And passed itself off as a cub;
It looked like a tough job to tackle,
But boy, was it quality grub.

It dined upon thigh-bone and eyeball,
And gorged on some very ripe tripe;
It was named in the family Bible
As A. Jackal (unusual type).

One evening, Ma Jackal laughed "Look who
Is coming tonight - Hal Hyena!"
It was scoffed in a trice by the cuckoo:
No bones have been licked any cleaner.

The moral of this little fable?
You can carry out any old sting,
With your feet 'neath the family table.
Beware of the cuckoo's first spring.

From Rime Present

The Cuckoo And The Jackal