Before the brief, unordered dream,
and scent of tenderness,
the child whose sleep is smooth as cream
remembers to undress.

The rich man in the pitch of night,
deluded by noblesse,
with port on board, and feeling tight,
remembers to undress.

The lovers scuffling with their lust,
one afternoon, we guess,
before their hips begin to thrust,
remember to undress.

The surgeon with his cutlery
investigates the cess
within the soldier's wound, which he
remembers to undress.

The aged and infirm are plied
by nurses, while they press
their eyeballs. Hands on either side
remember to undress.

The naked queue one summer's day
moves forward, numberless,
and see the simple pit as they
remember. To undress.

From Looks Familiar