House On Fire

  We get on like a house on fire.
  The blaze is cool, 
  and the engines are howling towards it.

  A knot of spectators
  has been neatly arranged
  to applaud the unloading of hose.

  The fire we get on like is a house.
  It is full of detritus,
  and as willing as any tinder.

  Friends and relatives
  have formed in a puzzle
  to describe the triangular flames.

  Like a house, to get on, we are a fire.
  The price of the cinders
  is the business of experts in arson.

  Volunteer soldiers
  are marching in nice formation
  to mimic the pyrotechnics.

  We are fire. We are house. I like you.
  Witness combustion,
  and follow the long thin fuse.

  We kiss
  in the sunlit porch
  of the house which awaits us.

From the book Love Poems