Increase the volume of your ejaculation

You receive a letter
before it has been posted. It is
full of silent whizz-bangs,
a stray baa, and the soft whistle
of semaphore. The language
is thoroughly gushing.

This is Hilversum calling:
we have taken over Radio Five
Live. From now on,
all you will hear is
tinnitus, snatches of chat,
like the knuckle-crack of parlour-maids
in the second scullery.

I think I am going
too faint.

You eat celery with your salt,
and it sounds like
soft cheese
on someone else's tongue.
This is no way to run an argument.

The knob turns,
the handle towards your hand.
A geyser. You don't
feel. Very well. Shout out
if you want me to
crank up the motor.

You are coming through
louder and clearer. I am deaf
with passion,
and pumping my ear-trumpet.
It's a scream.

From Robinson Crusoe's Bank Holiday Monday

Increase the volume of your ejaculation

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