Oops! You Got Off Again

I think you got off again -
You must be relieved - That we can be friends -
Oh Bobby - It canít be in a rush - But Iím not so mean -
Just imperious - íCause to use your pretences
That is just so typically me - Oh Bobby Bobby
† Oops! you got off again -
† Iím afraid a new startís - Still out of the frame -
† Oh Bobby Bobby -
† Oops! you think I played rough
† But you have to be tou-ou-ou-ough
† If youíre Prime Minister
You see my problem is this -
Iím scheming away - Lookiní for loopholes - Or arms I could twist -
Youíll cry until that day -
But I hafta stay cool - in so many ways -
And now Gordonís defensive
That is just so typically him - Oh Bobby Oh -
† Oops!.............

† † † †

[February 2001]

From the book Make Mine a Double

Peter Mandelson was cleared, and it was proposed that double jeopardy rules be scrapped.

with apologies to Britney Spears