Foxy Music

Saddle my steed, protect my head
All dressed in red, Iíll ride it
Off to Hyde Park Iíll make it
Iíll hold his mane so he can shake it ícause
We travel round with boxes
Just try try try tryiní to fix the foxes

Chase them over hills and hedges
Chase them with a hungry pack
Chase them over streams and bridges but donítcha
Donítcha hold íem back whipcrack attack
This bitís between my teeth
Basil Brush is stuffed for starters, we will have his guts for garters

Far beyond the red horizon
Some place in the country mud
Where the saboteurs canít catch me
Thatís where weíll taste some blood - itís great -
Canít you hear that hunting horn
Why the scorn - Support The Quorn

† † † †

[February 2001]

From the book Make Mine a Double

Roxy Musicís plans for a reunion tour may have to be shelved because Bryan Ferry supports the Countryside Alliance (who meet ďfor liberty and livelihoodĒ in London in mid-March).

with apologies to Virginia Plain