Two Little Berks

Two little berks
Had two little quirks
And each rode a hobby horse.
Daily they made
Insults to trade.
Premiers both of course.
One little chump
Out on the stump
Lurched to the right and tripped,
Cried out in fear
At his daft idea
But his smart partner quipped:

泥id you think I would leave you lying
When there痴 room in The House for two?
Climb up here and we値l soon be vying
For the best of the ballyhoo.
Though we move right, we値l still be leaders,
And we値l both have the same old perks.
Pretty soon it値l be September
And we値l be two little berks.

[August 2000]

From the book Make Mine a Double

Rolf Harris has just been given a new record deal as a 菟op dance act.