The Right Stuff

Legalise Lord Hashcroft!
Let him roll his own
fivers, and import him wholesale
as a wacky backbencher!

Pot luck to the Chief of Belize!
Let him be high
and mighty! Let him lie
flat out, splifflicating and piffling
in the toking shop at the top!

This is one puffed up peer.
This skunk is funky.
Let us get the dope on him,
and deal him freely. Like weed.

Legalise Lord Hashcroft!
Push him over the counter, till he
comes through the customs, chuckling!


[April 2000]

From Make Mine a Double

The Right Stuff

Michael Ashcroft was ennobled, possibly as Lord Ashcroft of Belize. The Mail and Telegraph backed an inquiry into decriminalising cannabis.