The water flows over me faster than oil
It melts in my mouth like a butter
Iím faster by far than a spark on a coil
Or the speed of a camera shutter
I turn like an axle thatís smothered in grease
Iím harder to catch than a flock of wild geese

With new dermal denticles stuck to my skin
I possess a torpedoís libido
I leave smooth smears of egg on the ministerís chin
But you wonít spot my spurt on a speedo
By the time that youíve seen the new flash on my tunic
Iíll have shifted my brilliant body to Munich

† † †

[March 2000]

From the book Make Mine a Double

Speedo have produced a go-faster swimsuit which imitates sharks. Its surface is covered with ďdermal denticlesĒ. BMW sold Rover to Alchemy.