It Happens Every Day

Itís not unusual to be mugged by men in grey
Itís not unusual to be bugged by men in grey
But when they see you taking your folding stuff away
Itís not unusual to see them try to bleed you dry

Itís not unusual to take cash from your accounts
But men in suits insist upon stealing small amounts
If you should overdraw, then they want a little more

Itís not unusual
It happens every day, no matter what your pay
Youíll find it happens by design
Banks will always crave the pennies that you save
Why canít these greedy mutts be fined?

Itís not unusual befriending men in suits
Itís not unusual to lend to men in suits
But if they ever think that youíre spending any loot
Itís not unusual
To find out that theyíre fiddling you
Oh woe oh woe oh woe oh woe oh oh

† † † †

[March 2000]

From the book Make Mine a Double

Bankers aiming to levy cash-machine charges are ďmiddle-aged men in suitsĒ, said Stephen Byers (!). Tom Jones won the male artist of the year category at the Brit awards(!!).