The Cabinet in motto mood

John Prescott:
Temper fidelis.
Ecce thump.

Jack Straw:
I rack, I ran, I ruin
No smoke without permission

Patricia Hewitt:
Leicester we forget.
Argon in jargon.

Gordon Brown:
It's a manse manse manse manse world.
Pru Homo Sum

Margaret Beckett:
Holi caravango
Not I

Geoff Hoon:
Fido def
It's the way you tell 'em

Tessa Jowell:
By chic not cheek
Pro panto, pro fonin

Alistair Darling:
Hi hair silver
I do not move over

Charles Clarke:
Testing testing
Lend me your ears

Tony Blair:
Orando new laborando
No Cherie, no trifle

Paul Boateng:
Jolly boateng weather
Lawyer lawyer, rants on fire

John Reid:
I could do that
I'm a substitute for another guy

Hilary Benn:
Lloyd George knew my grandfather
Pro pater non MORI

Baroness Amos:
Non Tori Amos
Bringing down the House

Lord Falconer:
One flat, two mates.
Drink in the Last Chancellor Saloon.

Andrew Smith:
My work is my pension.
Hope I die before I get old.

Hilary Armstrong:
Rollin', rollin', rollin', raw hide.
Mackem me, mackem vote.

David Blunkett:
Cop out.
I dog your footsteps.

Paul Murphy:
The dai is cast.
Usk me no Irish question.

Peter Hain:
Ex libris pro euro.
Nag ydw boyote, yndw nairobi.

Ian McCartney:
Any port in a folio.
Macca mucker.

From Make Mine A Double

as of 2005