This Ole School

This ole school once paid my wages
This ole school was span and spick
This ole school was for all ages
It was my ole broomís bailiwick
This ole school was clean as whistles
This ole school was free of dust
But when they took away my bristles
Then they filled me with disgust

Ainít a-gonna clean this school no longer
Ainít a-gonna mop this school no more
Ainít allowed to sweep up Pringles
Nor the Tic-Tacs on the floor
Ainít got time, the boyos piped up,
For the reams of bumf in bins
But I torn up what they typed up
Iím a-gettiní ready to cleanse their sins

[February 2004]

From the book Make Mine A Double

Swansea temporary school-cleaner Ken Smith was sacked when he was discovered to be 71. He accused his employers of ageism.

with apologies to Stuart Hamblen, Rosemary Clooney, Shakiní Stevens...