Donít Vote Once, Itís All Right

It ainít no use to scribble in your X, babe
It donít matter, anyhow
And there ainít no point in elect-oral sex, babe
If your silk purse comes from a sow
When the acting returning officerís sworn
And candidates speak the same old corn
You may rise at dusk as soon as dawn
Donít vote once, itís all right

Iím watching that long Election count, babe
What I buy, they donít sell
And Sod Off are two goodly words, pal
So Iíll just add Go To Hell
I ainít claiminí that I lost my mind
I can hardly bother to be non-aligned
I feel just what you did, and thatís resigned
So donít vote once, itís all right

† † †

[May 2001]

From the book Make Mine A Double

It was Bob Dylanís turn to be 60. It was suggested that non-voters might outnumber winning voters for the first time since 1918.