Donít Let Me Be Misunderstood

For babies, Iím a wonder brand just now -
Sometimes Iíve been a little fad:
Doncha know that none of my rivals ever seems a danger -
I kid along, and play the dad.
† (Chorus)Itís just a poll but intentions look good:
† Oh gawd, please donít let me be misunderstood.

The ABs! somehow theyíre all for me:
Iím a boy thatís full of pride -
Sometimes it seems that even voters down in Surrey
Are shifting round from the other side.......(Chorus)

If I am hedging, I want you to know
That Iím never seen to put a tax on you.
Schools have their problems, I know itís unfair
And thatís something Iíll be seeing to (ícause you love me) -
Oh oh oh maybe you think Iím a new man,
Make tortes, not like the other one -
Sometimes youíll find this Tony forgetting
Some ghoulish thing, some little nimble fib Iíve spun .......(Chorus)

† † † †

[May 2001]

From the book Make Mine A Double

Early polls continued to show a strong Labour lead. Eric Burdon turned 60.