The Widow's Pique

I am the very lost leader,
the chancellor of a lifetime:
King Canute on the way out
to a seaside season.

Who put the X into Chequers?
Who left his all his chickens
in one basket, under a cloud
with a silver lining?

I am like Caesar,
Veni, Vidi, Vichy
water under the Bridge of Sighs.
PC Plod at Toad Hall.

Who made the Euro neuro?
What do you get if you cross
a palm with thirty pieces of silver?

I am a little Pyrrhic,
the miracle Jif at Cana in Galilee:
Hannibal over the Alpen,
the bridging loan over troubled water.

I am the backbench burner.
Without me, Major is Brian Poole
without The Tremeloes.

Follow that.

From Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie

"It's like the Prodigal Son being converted on the road to Damascus" - Bill Cash on Norman Lamont's Euro-sceptic speech