Nine Conservative Policy Initiatives

Here's my foot:
got it?
I've seized the bit between my teeth.
I've shot it.
  We only employ
    simple figures
    where there are jobs going.

There is no poking
our nose
into our own
      We want to stick
    the sic back
    into BASIC: thus,
    like the ax
    in TAX.

It's always time to shop:
shop your neighbour.
    In our classless culture,
    we must see children
    Streaming into classes.

Thou art a citizen.
Charter flights.
Charter accountants.
The chartering classes.
Charter charter bang bang.

    You're right: your right's
    What we do with your money
    between you and me
    is a private business.

We shall settle this country
once, and for all.

Twice, if we must.


From the book Tony Blair reminds me of a budgie