Poems in Send-Up

The Hollow Men by William Blake
When I'm Teaching Drama
Ruthless Rhyme
Gerard Manley Hopkins rewrites Three Blind Mice
The Day Of The Jackal by John Motson
'I knew a simple lager lout'
Billy Bennett rewrites T.S.Eliot's Ash Wednesday (part II)
Craig Raine in the delivery room
A View Of Ted Hughes (by the pig)
Dylan Thomas looks in the mirror
Philip Larkin flies transatlantic
Ted Hughes looks in the mirror
That Famous Old Limerick By Lear
Carol Ann Duffy: Once In Royal David's City
Andrew Motion: In Quiet Confidence
Benjamin Zephaniah: Me laureate poem
Carol Ann Duffy: Queen Time
Wendy Cope: Laureates And Their Boring Manifestoes
The Skylark's Reply
Sylvia Plath: Song of Myself
A Valentine from Emily Dickinson
Stuck Inside Of Fern Hill With The Ocean Blues Again
Taking Pepsi with Fiona Pitt-Kethley
A Nihilist Approach To Poetry
The Sibilant Soldier
The Backstage Girls
Three Unruly Sonnets
An invented form: the octecho
A Hopeless Occupation
Seven Haiku on 'Eldorado'
Four Romantic Poets
Deflated couplets
Alan Ladd
Short Versions
Historical Haiku
from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Knots
Ode To An Electric Lawnmower
On the fortieth anniversary of the launderette
Ben Burglar
A Bit Of A Card
A la Cartland
A Nursery Rhyme For Today
Before Creation
You Dirty Rats
February 14th
Cast Iron Resolution
I Fought Delors
On The Beach
Split Infinitives
The Clincher
The Servant Problem
The Mission Statement Poems
To The Poet Of The Future
from King Lear: the musical
King Lear - the sonnet