Make Mine a Double

Poems in Make Mine A Double

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Don't Vote Once, It's All Right
I Believe
Kenbo Baggins
Theme from Madnight Conboy
In The Nick Of Time
A Dead Shirt
The Signature of Osama Bin Laden
The Cleaner
She Cooks
There Is Nothing Like A Dome
Make Mine A Double
Euro Creep
The Name is Bond, Jenny Bond
Your Country Needs You
Kama Sutra Chameleon
Elisha Beacons
Suicide Bomber
Saturday Right Fever
Carrying The Can
Bush Fire
I Would Vote
Six Limericks for Paul Burrell
The Other Side Of This World
This Ole School
Post Heist
Nine Limericks for Tony Blair
A Nationality Test
Presents for a cloned baby
Ten Years After Thatcher
The Cabinet in motto mood
Return To Slough
Charity Begins At Homebase
Robert Kilroy-Silk's Desert Island Discs
Bin Laden / Hi Jack
Old Labour's Comforts
It Happens Every Day
The Right Stuff
Not For Turning Out
Nero Tolerance
Knee Jerk
Robot Wars
Stormy Petrol
way beyond petroleum
Two Little Berks
Sale Or Return
Nasty Nick
Good Evenings
Presidential Debates
Simply Pinkish
Which Came First?
A Talking Class Hero
The Chair Leader
Sex And The Single Currency
Foxy Music
The Listening Rank
Oops! You Got Off Again
Where's The Beef?