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Welcome to www.billgreenwell.com. This is a web-site with several functions, but please do feel free to browse different areas. Here’s a rough guide.

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There are several different sections, which you are welcome to browse. Under Satirical Poems, you’ll find the whole text of the now out-of-print Tony Blair Reminds Me Of A Budgie, and many other poems written during a nine-year stint as New Statesman’s house poet. You’ll also find two hundred published and unpublished poems. There is also an archive of some of Bill’s articles.

New collection of poems - RingersRingers - new collection

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Impossible Objects

Collection of poems - Impossible Objects


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The Weekly Poem offers you a spoof or comment on current events, and there’ll be a new one – weekly.

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Watch the YouTube images accompanying the song 'Dangerous Heart', written by Deborah Jeanne Weitzman and Bill Greenwell, and on Deborah's new album 'Touch The Sky'?

A brand new collection of Bill’s poetry has been published by Cinnamon Press. Its title is Ringers.

"Bill Greenwell's singular imagination provides a poetic vision of the touching power of what lies just beyond what we choose to call the real. Dramatic, vivid and surprising, these are poems whose narratives haunt the reader long after the book is closed."

Jane Draycott

To contact Cinnamon Press, go to www.cinnamonpress.com, or write to Cinnamon Press, Meirion House, Glan yr Avon, Tanygrisiau, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd LL41 3SU, from which you can pre-order the book.

"A Fish in a Tree" is Bill's account of tracing the descendants of the Sunderland couple Mary Wilson and George Greenwell, who married in 1811.

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